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TravelDepot has created a step by step process to search for airline tickets and find the lowest and cheapest airfare on discount air travel to book your airline reservations. With all of the information that you have gathered up to this point, the only question left is, "Do you make the purchase or wait to see if rates go down?"

Airlines may have airfare sales at different times of the year. The airlines typically decide to offer sales for a few days, a week, or at a month's time then revert their fares to normal prices. You may use the chart below as a guide for the likelihood of a fare sale.

If you are at this point, you have researched all of the possible websites for the lowest airfares. Use these fares to determine who offers you the best price at the best flight times.

If you believe the fare you have listed is the lowest fare available to you and do not believe an airfare sale will occur, then the only thing left is for you to return to the listed website and make the purchase.

Once you make your airfare purchase, don't forget about searching for the lowest prices on hotel rooms and rental cars.

Good Luck.

This is NOT a scientific chart. It is best to use your own judgement when making your purchases.


12 Months or More Extremely High
9-12 Months Extremely High
6-9 Months Moderately High
4-6 Months High
2-4 Months Moderate
1-2 Months Low
30 Days Extremely Low
Less Than 30 Days Unlikely


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